VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Wanqing Tan


Improve bus service quality by monitoring the punctuation and frequency of the bus route and propose a 2-way bus route and weekend service.

Introduce the provision of microwaves and free hot water across campus and a baggage storage area in the union building. 

Increase the part-time, placements, and international student-friendly graduate career fairs once every 2 to 3 months.


Hi! I’m one@wan and I’m running for the position of Welfare and Community Officer 2019/20. I am an international student, currently studying MSc Crime Science and Criminal Psychology. This is my first year studying abroad, leaving my hometown 10,000km away. I was actively involved in various activities throughout my degree and I have the enthusiasm to serve and help people. What inspired me the most is the quote “don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

I strongly believe that the University of Portsmouth belongs to every student. Hence, having a welcoming environment is important. Therefore, I am passionate to improve the basic kitchen facilities, bus and library service, more frequent career fairs and support for postgraduate students who feel far from home.

Besides the points mention above, I would like to improve the library service by having more comfortable self-study area and the student computing rooms since it is always packed and occupied.

I will also urge the university’s reinvestment in a community space for the International and Ph.D. student and support religious festivals to ensure they feel represented and included in UOP. 

I would also like to introduce an instant feedback service to add on at the self-help access point for every building especially for the cleanliness in washroom and heating system. 

There will be a limitation for me to solve all the welfare and community problems that you might face, but I would like to host open forums for students to come and discuss the issues they face and open for suggestions, solutions, and feedback if elected.

To make this happen, I need YOU! You are the best one@wan to make this success.

#one.wan UPSU