VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Rafiq Arthur-Quarm


Improvement in Communication through dialogue with management.


Creation of Moderate Housing in collaboration with private sector

Creation of Publicity & Empowerment and All-Inclusive Curriculum 


I’m RAFIQ ARTHUR-QUARM (#1) for Vice President Welfare and Community. An MPA student and 34yrs old. 

I’m in with 4 issues for the betterment of student life, both on and out of campus.


The school has three main methods through which they communicate to students. The Moodle, Myport and the email. Information-flow through these methods are not consistent. Sometimes results on examinations or changes in time tables are sent via email or myport. They usually don’t give enough room for students to adjust themselves to the changes. This affect students negatively, especially the part-time students.

I’ll dialogue with management to categorize information-flow clearly for students


Most of the students are housed in private residences. They are expensive and operate on their own terms to the disadvantage of students.

I’ll liaise with management to look for home investment companies to partner with to build halls of residences solely for students and to operate under the housing policies of the university. 


There is always a natural bond created among people when they realize they have something in common. Past students would extend courtesies to us when we are identified. 

I’ll dialogue with management to provide a badge, which the Union sells at less that a pound, to every student for free. These badges are handy and beautiful.

Note that, I would use my campaign money to buy some for students.


Healthy mind lives in healthy body. Students can’t access clubs which will keep them health and active because there are not free.

I’ll motion for management to dialogue with government to add participation fees to the tuition fees they pay for students. The University would also be encouraged to add the participation fees to the tuition fees for international students.

I’m RAFIQ ARTHUR-QUARM, Masters in Public Administration Student and I’m going for VP Welfare and Community. Your #1 choice for this position. The MPA has given me more experience to do the job and it also indicates I’m in for humanitarian issues.