VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Jack Dranfield


Continue my GRAADS inclusion award, creating a more diverse, equal and accepting university for all students. This is one of my umbrella models, which as campaign models aspire to hit multiple targets under one name. This can be accomplished through the creation of a student welfare and campaigns team.


Introduce my Self Care Format for all union campaigns. This will mean running campaigns and events that give you achievable goals that will help your state of mind, welfare and wellbeing. Another umbrella idea which will mean more engagement in Union campaigns. 

Make sure that the unions policies on student welfare, inclusion and diversity are constantly evolving to keep them modern and in date with current student wellbeing issues and that staff are fully aware of this in the decisions they make. One in particular is to tackle the issues surrounding the vetting and investigation of guest speakers at the union.


This year I have volunteered as the AU Campaigns Exec running various campaigns including championing Rainbow Laces and Pride week, a campaign of which I am passionate about as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

As VP welfare & community I intend to implement my G.R.A.A.D.S scheme idea into societies, the union and commercial partners. It is imperative that all students that come to the University of Portsmouth feel comfortable and able to partake in sports, activities and to live in a city where they feel accepted and part of the community. G.R.A.A.D.S stands for but is not limited to Gender, Race, Age, Ability, Disability and Sexuality. It’s an umbrella model that will allow the union, societies and anyone who adopts it to run campaigns that hit all the targets of minority groups. The G.R.A.A.D.S format is already gaining headway and if successfully voted in I will champion this award forward for other universities and companies to adopt. Under my Self Care Format, all campaigns will include achievable goals that you as individuals can accomplish. I call these self care days. This means that all the campaigns ran by the union must include an achievable goal that helps towards student welfare and wellbeing. Be it a small task such as cutting alcohol out on Mondays (Alcohol awareness) or taking twenty minutes on a Sunday to enjoy some yoga (Mental and physical wellbeing) I intend to work with Portsmouth council and union partners to make sure that not only are students working with the council, but that the council is working with students to create a community that works together. I have shown through my work this year that I am the best candidate to accomplish these goals and more as VP Welfare and Community.