VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Hayley Turner-McIntyre


To create a reward scheme at the university for recycling plastic


To ensure all landlords and letting agents are being held accountable for providing ALL students with quality housing


To educate and to provide support for all staff and students regarding sexual assault and harassment that occurs on and off campus


If I was elected as VP Welfare and Community, I would want to change: 

 1) The fact that most students don’t know how to recycle properly, which is contributing the current plastic crisis that overflows our oceans with damaging waste. From the success of Shred Party last summer where students were given free drink tokens for recycling plastic bottles, I want to create a facility where students can recycle plastic effectively in exchange for rewards and vouchers. 

 2) The fact that most students are forced to live in low quality accommodation, particularly those who cannot afford better quality housing. Landlords and letting agencies take weeks to resolve even the most basic maintenance issues which causes a lot of unnecessary stress. I will create an online support system at the university to ensure students are getting their housing issues resolved quickly and effectively. 

 3) The fact that 90% of students do not report their cases of sexual assault (#AssaultOnCampus). UoP have done exceptional work so far to tackle this issue on campus, but I want to make students feel even more safe, including off campus, and know that they are supported by the wellbeing services. I want to tackle the grey areas surrounding sexual assault, including ‘non-violent’ assaults, and provide better education and support for students about this issue. 

 About me: I am a final year Sociology and Media Studies student who has also worked with The Union throughout my entire university experience— from being a faculty rep to working in The Union shop, I believe in offering a voice to those who don’t think they can make a difference. I also want to continue to promote the excellent wellbeing services that this university have to offer. “Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it.”