VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Farai Shoko


Set up a non-profit making, Student Union-run housing agency to assist you in finding alternative accommodation at a reasonable cost and with minimal inconvenience.


Advocate for FREE sexual health services, including managing awareness as a right, and products for you to promote a healthy lifestyle, dignity and high self-esteem.

Initiate an integrated committee to develop and work according to a framework for increased partnership between the SU, the University’s welfare services, Portsmouth City Council and Housing Service providers to efficiently serve you.


Having noted, with concern, issues you have raised regarding high costs, guarantor issues for international students and “snail-pace” problem resolution in privately sourced accommodation, I want to make it an obligation that an SU-run housing agency, to lessen the burden on student’s finances whilst improving housing service efficiency, is set up. 

 Furthermore, fundamental student issues i.e. sexual health must NEVER be exposed to vulnerability and risk. As the VP responsible for representing the students’ welfare, I will prioritise your health, dignity and self-esteem which should NEVER be compromised, including by a student’s financial status. 

As well as the above, resolving of students concerns should be efficient. By initiating an integrated committee of students’ welfare and community stakeholders to cooperate whilst holding each other to account in partnership, it will improve the efficiency and effectiveness on how your issues are represented and addressed. This will primarily erode your common burden of moving from one service to the other trying to have a single issue addressed. 

 Who is Farai? With an extensive background in mental health support work including Res life support experience, I am equipped with the necessary skills and passion to represent you with matters regarding your welfare. I have the knowledge to effectively work in collaboration with relative University services to increase awareness on the services offered within the university and relative available support. In my work as a mental health support worker I have had the exposure to work with mental health challenges like drug and alcohol addiction among other complex mental health illnesses. I was elected and served as Student Council president at International College Portsmouth(ICP) in 2018. During my tenure, I tabled a motion to promote increased female participation and leadership in the Student Council, with SUCCESS! SERVICE THAT DELIVERS! #VOTEFARAI