VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Dione Vengai


University bus on the weekends to enable easy travel as library turn outs are highest on Wednesdays. Therefore, I believe the highest can be on the weekend, if the University bus is available to accommodate the objective.


Increased Volunteering opportunities to help the homeless

Mental health support:Improve available mental health facilities make more emphasis by getting personal tutors to email students on a regular basis to check up on their well-being, anonymous websites for students to get support on, free counselling and make the Resident assistants more visible to the students. 


Hello my name is Dione Vengai and I am running to be your next VP Welfare and Community Sabbatical Officer. I am very passionate about welfare as this is the most important part of student’s life, because it impacts on the overall student experience whilst at the University. I want to represent you because I believe that having a well-functioning welfare and community, encourages students to study well and feel protected around the community. I would like to represent you ensuring I make use of all the relevant resources that will provided to me. 

I am a second year Business and management student. So far during my journey at the University I have had the opportunity to work as a student guide for the faculty for Business and Law to promote the University and represent the students by conducting tours for parents and prospective students. I also work as a Resident life assistant to aid current students’ welfare, dealing with the well being of students, being available and visible for students to talk to me about any concerns they might have. I have worked directly with student welfare issues, as well as promoting student communal events and campaigning to provide information about the services available to them. Resident Life are responsible for the day-to-day management of welfare and pastoral concerns of residents within all the University halls of residence. Working with the Res Life team has taught me a lot about the welfare of students, making sure students feel safe in community, ensuring there is 24/7 support or a help line for students if needed and always reaching out to students. This means I am very aware of my role as a VP Welfare Community Sabbatical Officer. I am very enthusiastic, positive minded, approachable, focused, self-driven and understanding.