VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Carol Gouveia


Health and wellness week

More events throughout the year

Advice and help over exam weeks


1. Health and wellness week: - Drug testing station in SU - mental health Monday events - stands and leaflets outside of uni Love and sex week - stands and leaflets outside of uni - awareness for abuse (angel shots available at bars). - LGBTQ and sex awareness - events run by students (drag show, sex toy info, sex education for adults). 

2. More events over the year: - film night - chinese new year - valentines day - cooking classes run by students for students More events in SU bar - quiz night - pizza party - beer pong - cocktail masterclass - 1 free drink on your birthday for students - photo booth Improve social media advertising with open groups - student foodbanks (especially for halls). - Posters in halls to advertise foodbanks in SU. - ask students to vote on social media how they way events to be run. - have random nights where students draw tasks to earn rewards. 

3. Advice and help over the exam period. - goodie bags, sweets - past notes from previous years - use google teams to communicate with the whole class and teacher - feedback on the exam.