VP Welfare & Community Candidate

Amber Grout


Free tampons in campus toilets

Easier access to free condoms and sexual health information

More events targeted at alleviating general university stress


I want students to have easy access to tampons and sanitary pads in all campus toilets. I personally have lost count how many times I have been caught out and had to take an hour out of studying in the library to go home or miss a lecture in order to go and buy some. This is not a choice that (cis) men have to make and Portsmouth should be at the start of a change in culture around menstruation. I also want to make it easier for students to get free condoms and sexual health advice. The current options are not easily accessible and most people believe that they have to spend a lot of money to buy condoms. If the process was made easier, many students would benefit from better sexual health and relationships. 

 I want to help reduce the general stress levels of students through an increase in events targeted at the general stress that comes from university life, as this is something all students experience. For example during stressless week you can wait in a 2 hour long queue to stroke a goat but that doesn’t seem very stress relieving to me. More events like this would mean that more students could benefit. 

 I am the right person for this role as I worked before with sexual health campaigns and I am passionate that my ideas will benefit students. I am open minded and a creative problem solver that understands the value of the student community and the power of a group as big as ours.