VP Sports Candidate

Philip Samuel


Regular, affordable, sporting opportunities for all students 


Improved transport options and buses for all clubs 

Greater links between sport clubs and sports science department 


My name is Phil Samuel and I’m running for VP sport. Here’s a little about me…. I’m currently the Athletics club president, an American football player, a course rep, a lover of Purple Wednesday and a sports fanatic.

 If I get elected I will aim to improve sporting opportunities for all students. How? I would like to set up a year long inter-society sports league, whereby all clubs can play each other at a wide range of sports throughout the course of the year.

 In addition I would like to increase the number of recreational sports sessions that are available to everyone, enabling people to make new friendships and societies to grow. The sessions that are currently available often lack advertising and promotion, limiting the number of people it eventually reaches. An area that I feel can be massively improved is the transport options provided to all clubs. The number of people who are eligible to drive minibuses needs to be increased. Therefore, I will aim to increase the availability of the 14 seat minibus test, allowing more clubs to drive themselves to events. It would also give clubs opportunities to request external drivers if nobody in the team was able or wanted to drive to the event. 

Also, I will aim to re-introduce a bus service to the langstone campus Thursday to Sundays in addition to the buses that already go there during the week. 

 The sports science department in Portsmouth was ranked the 2nd best in the UK (guardian 2018) but there is very few links between the department and university teams. I’d like to introduce the students who undertake the sports massage and personal training courses in to clubs. This would give these students valuable experience and the clubs will benefit from trained expertise.