VP Sports Candidate

Gerard Matthews


Standardised kit for all sport clubs, making kit cheaper and giving a more professional appearance to all Portsmouth sports clubs.


Provide 5 international playing tour opportunities.


Increase the provision of “Give it a go” Days. 


If elected as your VP Sports I would standardise all sports kit, allowing for all sports clubs to appear unified as one team, team Portsmouth. Creating a single identity across all sports at university and making us a much more professional sporting outlet. With an overall aim of making kits cheaper and more readily available. 

 In addition, I would aim to achieve five international playing tours from a variety of clubs. These playing tours will be of great benefit to players, allowing them to develop their skills as well as have an unforgettable experience. Playing tours also advertise university sport across the world, creating the opportunity to network and further expand our university both financially and academically. 

 Furthermore, I want to increase the number of “Give It A Go” days available to all students wanting to participate in sport. I propose these happen at the beginning of each month, ensuring students who want to take part in multiple sports can. Thus, increasing participation at a non-competitive level and broadening the focus towards inclusivity and having fun.

 Having been part of the organisation of transport this year I understand where it needs to improve. If elected I would like to work on new and better ways of improving transport.

 Lastly, I would aim to ensure a smooth transition of the sports clubs from the Union to Sports and Recreation. Being club captain of the rugby club, this year has exposed me to the levels of organisation and development required in sport. If elected as your VP Sports I would be committed to applying this across all sport at the university and I am determined to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the sport they are in, as well as develop throughout their university career. 

 Your vote, your voice- #VoteGezMatthews