VP Sports Candidate

Digby Hayden


Making sport more accessible for everyone, whether they are part of a society or not.

Celebrating the achievements of our clubs on a university-wide scale. 

Use our fantastic University departments to help develop all aspects of our clubs.


Hi, Im Digby and I am a third year, studying biology. Throughout university, I have had a passion for sport, and getting involved. This drove me to be a part of Cycling, Swim, Water polo, and also a Captain of the rugby social teams over the last 3 years. Being part of such a wide range of societies has given me a full view of our sports clubs, and what issues are affecting each club. 

Furthermore, I have been on the Athletic Union's Executive Committee for the past two years, which means that I have been a mentor for sports clubs, and worked closely with the last two VP Sports. With the changes the Sports side of our University is currently facing, This has given me the experience to see the change through in the smoothest way possible. This is why I believe that I am the best candidate to take the Athletic Union forward.

 If I were elected as VP Sports, I would want to continue to work closely with clubs in order to help them improve, whether that includes increasing membership, improving BUCS performance, or increasing the community feel of their club.

 Another of my focuses would be on increasing our publicity as a union. As a whole, we achieve so many amazing things, and increasing the publicity of our achievements, whether on social media, online, and especially on campus would not only help celebrate achievements, but also drive people to achieve In summary, I want to get the best out of our amazing university for everyone, whether you're part of a society or not. I would love to see us achieve everything we can, and ultimately, for people to enjoy their university experience through sport!

 I am always happy to answer any questions! And remember, Dig for Victory!