VP Education & Democracy Candidate

Tevita Masi


Put students first

Student life matters

Student voice is important: silence kills 


Hello, I’m Tevita you can call me T. My campaign name is David the Gentle Giant. The name was given to me by friends and colleagues for my can-do attitude while serving eight years with the Royal Navy. I am running for Vice President of Education and Democracy to serve you in 2019-2020. My main priority is to put students first. I will not only represent student issues and needs but will also ensure effective actions will have efficient results. To be gentle means to be a gentleman, and I was brought up to respect everyone’s rights and dignity. I am approachable and my office will be always open to listen to student issues. My vision is to promote and increase excellency in student education and democracy. 

My mission is to promote availability academic information, support and resources. The purpose of these aims is to increase openness, trust, transparency and integration with students. My main objectives are: for all students to graduate with excellent knowledge; to cultivate good student learning experiences; to encourage more diverse student work placements; to increase the availability of academic mentoring; and to promote student academic wellbeing and safety. My five years of experience with the University of Portsmouth has given me a passion to run for this role. In 2018, I graduated in Law with International Relations and I am now pursuing a Masters degree in Public Administration. It will be an honour and a joy to have your support by voting for me.