VP Education & Democracy Candidate

Rama Hilouneh


Create a peer mentoring programme to tackle the BAME attainment gap, providing more support for students who are statistically shown to underachieve, in addition to students who are struggling with their course. 

Make improvements to the library facilities, by means of adding kettles and microwaves available to students at all times, in addition to a push for a communal common room (or a relaxation room).

Improve the feedback system for coursework’s and exams, whereby markers are encouraged to follow a template, resulting in more in-depth comments about the work submitted. 


One of my main focuses would be to break the boundaries that black and Asian ethnic minorities (BAME) face when they enter university. According to recent statistics (2017), BAME students are less likely to achieve a 2:1 or a first at all grade boundaries, in comparison to their white peers, despite the fact they achieved the same A-Level results. The first step would involve my proposed peer-mentoring scheme for all students below their attainment grade. This allows for support and one-on-one help from students who went through a similar experience to you academically and allow for more personalised advice from someone who is a year above. 

 Additionally, students across the university can all agree on further improvements being made to the library. The addition of services like a kettle and microwave, allows for a more catered environment for students. 

 Furthermore, regardless of the course you do, a dissatisfaction with the quality of feedback rests with all students. If elected, I will expand the feedback we receive for submitted work, to facilitate adequate growth in our work. As a second year Law with international relations student, I know the difficulty some of my peers faced with their educational experience, particularly international students. I would like the opportunity to voice their opinions, especially in a position where you can make real change. 

 I carry further experience with regards to my campaign. Currently, I am in the process of gathering research on the negative impacts of the sanctions being placed on Syria, and its impact it is having on cancer patients. It would be a great opportunity to campaign for the student voice to be heard, where real change can be made. So don’t forget to #VoteforRama to be your next VP education and democracy!