VP Education & Democracy Candidate

Izzete Encarnacion


Make lectures more practical and the content real-life oriented. 


Support and promote the creation of new societies bearing in mind the needs and interests of International Students, BAME students and Mature students.

Create a venue for students to vote on their future timetables by offering different options and have them decide the one that best suits them. 


If I am elected as your VP Education and Democracy, I would work hard to make lectures more practical by being delivered with a more hands-on approach and looking into real-life situation analysis. I would also work to create societies like the Kizomba Society, Spanish Society, Multicultural Society, and all the needed societies to get everyone a space to meet people who share their interests, feel welcomed and supported. 

I would like to tackle the problems with the timetables by offering the students the opportunity to decide ahead of time which arrangement works best for you. For instance, if different arrangements could be presented to the students, they could decide through votes which one suits them better. 

 Additionally, I would like to reach more students. Portsmouth University has more than 25,000 students, and most of the time only a few of them have their voice in decisions that affect many students. I would advertise ideas more effectively, so every affected student is heard and represented. Equally important, I would make sure all UNION actions and decisions are transparent and represent the voice as well as the rights of all the students in the university. 

 Pursuing meaningful and mindful education is my passion. I have a degree in education, and I am currently a MSC Educational Leadership and Management student. I believe we can impact our education, and make democratic changes that enhance our learning and professional development. Finally, vote Izzete #1 to Achieve the Extraordinary, Together! Izzete for Education and Democracy. ¡Para alcanzar más! “¡A paso de vencedores!” Joaquin Balaguer