VP Education & Democracy Candidate

George Whelton


Familiarise your course representatives to your classmates more often.


Better access to your education - it is time for educators to catch up with technology.

Build a system which analyses courses’ printing needs in order to make credit allowance allocation fairer.


We, students, are the vital component to improving our own experiences of university life. Realise the potential influence of your perspective. Your student voice is in demand, amplify it with greater acquaintance with your spokesperson. George’s objective is to generate better relationships between you and your course representatives to enable you to give them more feedback. More feedback brings about more accurate reports about the desirable qualities and the areas needing change on your course. His first impression of the University of Portsmouth was the fresh interior design of the library. The glass structuring symbolising transparency with the social vibe welcoming airs of communication. As your industry expert, your lecturers’ roles are to make your field of interest as clear as possible. George pledges to prepare lecturers on how to optimise their use of Moodle. 

 Certain courses, and even faculties, rely, considerably more than others, on their students to print their own seminar worksheets. A more just distribution of print credit will let those currently disadvantaged to spend their money on healthier food and books instead. He is ready to start working to engineer financial equity amongst students. 

 Recent voter turnouts have been counted at under 20%. George is eager to follow up on the current VP Education & Democracy’s incentives to encourage political engagement. If you want to make your university experiences greater, then help the Student Union grow your awareness of the importance of involving yourself in the election process and of contributing your views on the university. People tend to favour more democratic societies, more students attracted to your university yields more incoming smart students. Improving education infrastructures on high-achieving students will move University of Portsmouth up the league tables giving your degree a more acclaimed status. "Think intensively and think critically."