VP Activities Candidate

Tom Plant


Promote, expand and increase circulation of student media, and its interaction and cooperation with the Union and other societies.

Improve support for students wishing to work, volunteer and study abroad over the summer, and arrange more travel fairs.

Organise and publicise more all-inclusive events for every student at the university, including a Refreshers Week, RAG events, and cultural and pride festivals.


I am currently a third year International Relations and Politics student and I am running to be VP Activities. In my time at Portsmouth, I have been a member of the Student Radio station, been on the University ski trip, and attended events run by various societies, so I really appreciate the importance of Societies at University.

 If elected as VP Activities, I would firstly look to vastly improve the presence of all Student Media around campus by increasing its circulation, placement and promotion. One of the main ways I will achieve this is by putting links to Pure FM, Victory Studios, Pugwash, and the Galleon on the Student Union homepage. I would like to use the media to work with all the other societies, sharing sports news, as well as promoting other Societies and events run by the Union.

 Secondly, I personally understand the importance of working and studying abroad, having spent 3 summers working and travelling in the US and a winter working in France. I have had such great experiences during my time abroad and believe that the Student Union and the University should provide more support and advice for those students wishing to spend a summer working or volunteering in other parts of the world. I will do this by introducing an advice service to help students find and prepare for jobs abroad, as well as increasing the number of Travel Fairs invited to attend the Union, and ensuring greater awareness of these events.

 Finally, I would look to organise more Union-run events available for all students, including official Refreshers Week events after the exam period in January, more RAG opportunities (Raising and Giving), as well as cultural and pride festivals to celebrate the wide array of different people and cultures here at Portsmouth. #TP4VP