VP Activities Candidate

Roy Senkali


Integrating transfer and ICP students into the university 

University bus routes and timing

library incorporating microwave in communal area 


A concern that has been raised by the transfer and ICP students is the lack of support that they are given when joining the university. It is important because students I have spoken do they not feel that they are welcomed by the university and feel little support is given to help them integrity with the student body.

 As someone who has experienced being a transfer student I feel I have a plan to reduce such feeling felt by such students. By encouraging more collaborating events within the university such as buddy systems and networking functions it can reduce the feeling of isolation form students. It feasible as we already have the components to better our integration of students. 

 The Uni bus route that the university has raised issues for students who are travelling home. It is important as the route can be a problem as some students spend longer getting home than needed especially if students have leave the library in the late evening. By adding more than one route to journeys will allow students to have a variety of ways of not only getting home but to other destinations in Portsmouth more effectively and safely. It is feasible as we can include the old route as well as current route. 

 Students brought forward the idea of having a microwave in the communal area of the library, when staying late all spending long periods of time studying in the library. students struggle to afford to buy food when out and having a place to warm their own meals lessen distractions of spending more money. it’s feasible there is already an area to eat food, and space available to have a small microwave available at hand for students who have brought meals.