VP Activities Candidate

Mufaro Olisi


To ensure women around campus feel safe at all forms of social gathering and promoting the respect, protection and 'Get me home safely' movement. 

To remove stereotypes around certain societies and promote racial and cultural diversity within them to increase participation in societies. 

To support and widen the use of university media, such as the radio station, as it is of fundamental importance to the institution 


If I am elected as the VP Activities, I would ensure measures are put into place to safeguard vulnerable individuals ensuring they are safe whenever they go out and making sure when they feel threatened, they know what to do. This would be the 'Get me home safely' movement. 

I would also work hard to remove negative stereotypes on certain societies that would label them as being only for a certain group of people. This would boost society involvement showing that everyone is welcome.

 Lastly, it has come to my attention that most students do not know the various platforms of university media such as the radio. If elected, I would promote knowledge of all forms of media which are valuable sources of information for all union and university activities.

 At this point you may ask yourself, who is this girl who is offering us all these seemingly impossible changes? I am a second year international student studying law with business. As an international student, I understand better than most how difficult it is to settle in a new place and how daunting it can be to join societies. This is why I feel I am the best person to reduce or remove the barriers that keep people from engaging with university activities. 

 I was a member of the law society and the confidence I gained from that taught me that university is not just a place to get a degree, but to build and perfect social skills thus creating well rounded individuals. And that is what I stand for, letting loose into the world academics with great social skills perfected in a safe environment. I am the candidate who proposes safe informed fun-