VP Activities Candidate

Christopher Bainbridge


Return of Grad Ball at a cheaper price


Stress reduction events including Re-Freshers week in January


New online voting system for students to impact significant changes at university


If I am elected as your Activities VP, I will make sure that your university experience is as memorable as possible and provide you with a platform to ensure your voices are heard! I will fight for the return of Graduation Ball, a tradition that had been in place for many years.

Previously, a large event was held at the Student Union with a silent disco, dodgems, photo booths, food stalls etc. However, this year the event is being replaced with a "Graduation Party" at Astoria and a “Summer Ball” at Guildhall (available for all students). Graduating from university is a momentous occasion, so deserves an unforgettable event to celebrate! 

I will also organise several stress reducing initiatives throughout the year such as games nights at the union and re-freshers week. 

 The union website’s ‘Have Your Say’ area is a great way for students to put ideas forward, however, I feel there is still opportunity for students to have a larger impact. I will implement a system whereby all significant changes that the university faces are presented to students first, in the form of a poll, perhaps via email or on MyPort website. That way, if an idea is supported by 2000 students, instead of 50, positive changes are far more likely to be approved by senior university boards, and the student voice heard! 

 Having been a committee member for the University’s Dodgeball Society, working as the club’s social secretary, I have gained a lot of experience which will help me in the role including event planning, leadership skills and being a representative for others.

 I am currently a third year Accounting student who would love the opportunity to improve the university as best I can before I leave. 

For a better University experience, vote Chris Bainbridge #1 for VP Activities!