Presidential Candidate

Omar Mahmood Lagares


Break the Circuit - Mobilise the student voice to start initiatives to reduce costs of student life, starting with laundry in halls!


Empower YOU - Create an app putting the SU in your hand, with events, services and updates on how to get the most out of YOUR union!


Make Portsmouth Safe Again - liaise with local council and union on how we can work towards making YOUR university city a safer place to be!



Listen up students of UOP! If elected, there are 3 issues in the university experience that I’d like to address. 


Firstly, I will start a campaign to provide a free laundry system for halls. Secondly, I will streamline all the unions services and events into a mobile app that would allow you to access everything your union does from the palm of your hand, and finally I will work to make Portsmouth a safer place for students. 


Read on and let’s start a movement! University is getting increasingly expensive with cost of halls and private businesses taking advantage of students. I want to look at how we can represent student interests, starting with addressing the extortionate cost of laundry in halls. With the contract with Circuit Laundry coming to an end in 2020 this is the time to start a movement! It’s time to break the circuit! With recent projects to bring YOUR Union into the 21st century, it’s time we took that to the next level. 


If elected I will release an app allowing you to access everything from events, to services and even platforms that help you change the union and the university experience to shape it into the student led organisation that it’s meant to be.


 Finally I will address the issue of safety in Portsmouth. A lot of students have told me they don’t feel safe in this city and this is unacceptable. There have been a lot of incidents throughout the year and I want to make sure that we can install more lighting and security measures (for instance in Ravelin Park) by discussing this with the local authorities and the union and working towards protecting our students more effectively! 


 So vote for me And start to see Real change in this university #VoteForO, Return of the O