Presidential Candidate

Marley Eleven Bury


Establish an online multi-network platform: “Portsmouth Potential” across YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook that displays the best work of students across all departments, with official university rewards for featuring on this such as extended deadlines, amazon vouchers, free refectory food passes, etc.



Launch the “Go Solar” initiative: A university-wide fundraising scheme to raise enough money for Solar Panels on every UoP building.



Campaign for “Subject funds”; individual amounts of additional finance for every subject/course, which the students of that subject can influence the spending of via online suggestions and votes.



If I am elected as your President I want to create an online multi-network platform for the best student work from all departments, so as to give students greater advantages for job opportunities, showreels, etc. I would work with the university and departments to create a student media team to create custom-made, professional quality videos demonstrating great art, films, dissertations, sports achievements, etc. with profile descriptions for the students displaying their full talents and how to contact them for work.



 I would also work with the community to get local business support and campaign for national and international business interest to incentivise the scheme further. 



Finally, the university would offer its own reward scheme including amazon vouchers, extended deadlines, free refectory passes, etc. One of the most common problems I’ve encountered at university is a lack of student ability to influence their courses. Therefore, I would work with the university to create “Subject funds”; additional course finance that would be controlled through democratic suggestion and voting per course as to what would best benefit the students. For example, more money for field work days for the Palaeontology course or updated textbooks for biology, etc.



 I am currently a second year film-production student and it honestly blows my mind how many talented people are at Portsmouth Uni. Though I do not possess the same experience with societies or clubs as other candidates, I feel I represent those who have felt distant, frustrated or disillusioned with this process; not believing that real change can happen. I want to show that it can. You are exceptional, you deserve the best and you deserve the brightest futures.



Ultimately, that’s why my corny political slogan is #FightingForFutures Because the futures of everyone at Portsmouth university is what matters to me.