Presidential Candidate

Mariam Daniel


transparent spending (let students know where their money is being spent)


accessibility for all students (including language barriers and invisible disability)


more support for independent study and more interaction with staff



Hi my name is Mariam and I’m running for the role of president. I’m Currently the women’s captain of Dodgeball society and this is my second year in Portsmouth. 


I’ve been lucky enough to have received lots of support from the university, however I do believe there are certain things that could be implemented to improve the living of students in Portsmouth. If elected i would aim to 


1. have more transparent spending. I believe it is important for students to know where their student loan is going and how much it costs to run certain things within the union. 

2. have accessibility for all students, this also includes international students who might struggle to reach their potential because of language and cultural barriers. 

 3. more support for independent study and more interaction with staff. I know a lot of students struggle when it gets to doing their dissertation, some are unsure of where to go for help and don't feel as supported as they should be. 


 I believe I am the best person for this role as I am a natural born leader and would work well with all Sabbs. I may have had a great experience in Portsmouth but some people have not and that needs to be acknowledged. I guess you could say I was born in luton but made in pompey


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