Presidential Candidate

Helena Schofield


Improve student accommodation and make it easier for students to choose houses by introducing a ‘Rate your Accommodation’ app.


Work with the University to improve the University bus service to include later services and an additional route.


Reduce the cost of library food by including more options in the meal deal


Being in my third year of International Relations and Politics and on the committee of two societies has allowed me to meet a wide range of people. This has helped me to identify aspects of University life which students often struggle with, and I would really like to help everyone enjoy their University experience.


If I am elected as UPSU President, I would like to introduce an app for students which will give advice on choosing student accommodation as well as an opportunity to leave a rating of their accommodation and landlord. This would let students know what to look for when choosing their accommodation and having a rating system would put more pressure on landlords to keep houses in good quality. 


I would also like to improve the University bus service. There have recently been several incidents around the UK involving students going home after a night out, so I would like the bus service to continue to run at later hours to ensure better safety of students. 

Also, I would like to add an additional bus route to go the opposite way to the existing route, as it can currently take some students longer to get to and from university on the bus than if they walk. 


Additionally, I would like to reduce the cost of food sold at the library. At the moment, there is a meal deal offered for selected sandwiches, however, this fails to include most vegetarian and vegan options. Therefore, I would like a wider selection of options to be included in the meal deal to make lunch cheaper for everyone. In addition to this, after reflecting on student feedback, I would also like to try and get more water fountains installed around campus. 


Vote Helena Schofield for UPSU President! #VoteforSchof