Presidential Candidate

Chuk Onwuemezi


- Catered food tokens available for students with intense workloads and those struggling with with money


- Getting library computer availability available online


- Increases union involvement regarding students with housing and landlord issues



I decided to run for the role of President after it had been recommended to me months before by a friend. Despite being reluctant at first I considered the opportunity and decided that I would be a good candidate as President. 


I’m in my final year at Portsmouth University and I have been on a society committee for 2 years. First I was the welfare officer for the African-Caribbean Society offering 1-1 support to students . At the end of this year I was voted in as President for the 2018-19 term. I had identified certain problems with how the ACS had been run in previous years. There was a lack of funding due to paying membership not being a requirement and as a result the ACS was being held back from reaching its full potential. Secondly there was a lack of structure in the society with information not being presented to members efficiently leading to poor turn outs to events and very poor punctuality.


 To combat these issues my committee focused on securing discounts for our members and pushing membership from the very outset of the autumn term. By October we had around 150 paying members compared to the 37 we had by March the previous year. We reorganised the way we did our event promotion and were awarded the Best Turnout by Diane Abbot MP at the House of Commons for the Great Debate collaboration in which over 20 universities took part.


 As President I led a committee of 13 members that were responsible for over 200 students. We held big events like Take Me Out along with Vibe Nation which filled the capacity of a 300 person venue. We did this twice, raising almost £3000. We also organised dozens of smaller meetings such as debate nights/quizzes/Dance-tutorials/Ladies-Nights