2018 Varsity Build-Up

Wed Jan 23 2019 16:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)



Is there any other sporting event during University life that can equal that of Varsity?


University Varsity is the pinnacle of the university experience, and every university is subjected to it. One full day event to battle it out against your rivals and to steal away the coveted cup and the ability to say, ‘We Are The Ultimate Champions.’ Past results, BUCs and non-BUCS alike, do not matter at Varsity, and it is a free-for-all. Anything is possible at a Varsity showdown. Students participate in their chosen sport, and students spectate the highs and the lows of the university teams as they battle it out. It is the most looked forward event of the year, and in 2018, nothing is different.

Portsmouth versus Southampton has seemingly always been a David and Goliath tale, with Southampton having the prestige as, potentially, one of the best sporting universities. However, Portsmouth is no longer looking on from the sidelines as their competitors run away with that title. The University of Portsmouth is gaining in momentum, and we have one of the best sports science schools in the country. It is only a matter of time before we reclaim the title of Varsity winners, as we had done back in 2013.

However, looking to this year, there is potential for us to win the 2018 Varsity Cup. Never have we sold so many tickets to an away event, not in the whole history of Varsity!


Southampton’s sporting complex allows for maximum support for the Portsmouth teams competing, and fans can wander around the area to the sport of their choosing. With hockey on the astroturf, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee (among other potential sports) on the 3G pitch beside it, and the rugby and football pitches just off in the distance. The atmosphere will be euphoric. That is without all the cheering and competitive spirit that will be bouncing off the walls in the Indoor complex.

Better yet, the University of Portsmouth teams have beaten Southampton University in BUCs and non-BUCs fixtures this year. Such as Cricket Mens 2s (Indoor), Tchouckball at Nationals, Rugby Mens 1s, and plenty of others. Portsmouth have some hope with earning points, and for those that have just missed out… now is the time to get some revenge and turn the tables. Especially with this being the most attended Varsity ever in terms of sporting participation. The turn out is, and will be, incredible.

If you have your tickets ready, collect your packs from the 5th-8th March and remember that it’s all set to kick off on the 11th March. Those with playing tickets that include the bus journey must be outside the Union for 7am, and those with spectator tickets that include a bus journey must be outside the Union for 9am. Those without bus travel can get a train to the Southampton Parkway which is just across the road from Southampton University’s sporting complex.

Then, after a gruelling day of rivalries, the party starts back in Portsmouth with the Varsity after-party. Your shirts will be your entry ticket, so make sure you don’t lose them to finish off what will already be an outstanding day out.

Good luck to all those competing and see you all at the Portsmouth vs Southampton Varsity of 2018!