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The Chainsmokers – Bouquet

We (all) know The Chainsmokers as those guys that DJ’d that really annoying, sarcastic but fantastically funny song #Selfie. They are back with some new music!

Depending on where you get your music you may have not heard about their EP ‘Bouquet’ that came out on the 23rd October 2015. The tracklist is as follows:

  • Roses
  • New York City
  • Until You Were Gone
  • Waterbed
  • Good Intentions

The EP is generally electronic and has a good rhythm to it so you would definitely find them potentially playing in a club. When I first found out about the EP I was actually waiting in line to get my copy of Fallout 4, so while I was waiting for midnight I found this and thought to myself, “oh hey, this will get me pumped so that I won’t fall asleep” because at this point the adrenaline had left my system.

I was wrong.

Roses, is such a lovely song. It opens up the EP by basically erasing everything you thought you knew about how The Chainsmokers make music. Roses has a moderately slow tempo to it and really wonderful lyrics sung by ROZES. The song starts building up to a chorus and it disproves me again! The chorus is mostly melodical synths rather than that really cliche bass drum every four beats in a typical dance track.

Still in disbelief the song ends and I’m impressed. The next song New York City starts playing and another beautifully sung lyric starts pulling at the heartstrings, even more so at the bridge.

“cause I’m losing my lover, to the arms of another. New York city please go easy on me, tonight”

The chorus starts and it’s a similar melodic style but this time that bass drum is there on that fourth beat. While they are a similar style they are still quite distinguishable from each other.

The song ends and I feel lost and heartbroken also hoping that New York City goes easy on me for some reason.

Until You Were Gone fades in next on this EP and starts building up quite quickly and starts to sound a little closer to what you would expect for a dance track. All the cliches are there, including the slow rising pitch change and echoing the last word. Along with the bass drum on every fourth beat there’s a very dancy chorus during which everyone in the club would jump. At this point the rest of the song bores me a little so I skip to the next one.

Waterbed came out a little earlier this year in the summer, because I heard this song individually I now have 2 opinions about it. In relation to the album, it seems a bit out of place due to the lyrical content. So far, the songs in this EP have been emotional and seemingly inspired by some kind of heartbreak whereas Waterbed is about shaking your butt.

On its own the song is fun and you’re able to dance to it but in relation to the rest of the EP it may seem strange.

Good Intentions closes the EP with a very typical dance track where the chorus is dreadful. I felt like I’ve already heard it a thousand times, if you’ve heard a dance song anytime after 2014 then you’ve almost definitely heard this song.

Bouquet could be considered a story about a relationship where a couple falls in love, someone gets cheated then realises they’ll be ok, they go out to have a great time and despite their good intentions get in trouble.

You could also consider it a display of least to most cliche songs in dance which is a little disappointing. If the last two songs managed to sound a bit further from the really overused elements of a dance track, it would have made this EP so much more special. It could just be because my expectations were high after hearing New York City, my favourite track on this EP, and the rest fell really short. If it wasn’t for the unique nature of the first two songs, my score would be very low.

Overall Bouquet is quite enjoyable!

3 out of 5

Nancy Cariah

Head of Music


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