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Justin Bieber – I’ll Show You

‘I’ll Show You’ by Justin Bieber is the third single from his fourth studio album “Purpose” coming out on November 13th this year. The entire album and Justin Bieber’s image seems like it’s becoming a bit more mature and apologetic.

You can tell straight away with this song that Justin Bieber is starting to communicate to his fans a little about how he’s feeling and who he is. This song seems like it was written to remind fans that people in the spotlight live very different lives. It’s actually quite sad when you listen to the lyrics of the song.

The first verse gives us a small window into what his life is like. Everyone watching you and wanting to skip to the good bits of life; trying to manage everyone’s expectations and seem to everyone that you’re stronger than you are when you’re only human.

The second verse can be interpreted in several different ways, the hater in me is being very cynical, but the two meanings can both be true. The first one being that despite the advice of his friends, family and PR people he still tries things that are bad for him only to feel the thrill of anything because of how sheltered he is. The other being that he does bad things for no other reason apart from to selfishly experience them no matter how much he hurts other people.

The lyrics in the chorus really summarise the song especially well:

“…don’t forget that I’m real, act like you know me, but you never will…” .

If I were a hardcore fan this would probably hurt a lot.

Musically the song isn’t very interesting but I really like how it brings the lyrics to the forefront. The one thing that I find really annoying about the song is that “instrument” that is playing the main part of the chorus when Justin Bieber isn’t singing. What is that? (I mean, I know it’s a synth but why did you think that sounds good?)

The harmonies are the best part of the chorus, hands down.

Overall, I like this song. It feels very personal and honest. It also has a very mellow feel to it which I think compliments the lyrics quite well. It is a short song with extremely short verses, but it works for this song.

With the other releases of ‘Sorry’ and ‘What Do You Mean’, taking into consideration that he wrote these songs, they show a lot of self-expression and I am finding myself looking forward to his album in a few days time

Never thought I would say that. 4 out of 5 stars.

Nancy Cariah

Head of Music


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