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Committee Positions

Pure FM Committee Positions

Every year, Pure needs a dedicated team of students to keep the station running.

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, and you're a current University of Portsmouth student, job descriptions for each of the roles can be found below. This comes straight from the very wordy Pure FM constitution, so if there's anything you don't understand and you're interested in running for a position, contact a current committee member.

As a committee member you are expected to stay on top of your emails and check for responses on a regular basis. You are there to set an example to the members in terms of professionalism and ensure that you offer equal opportunity to your members when something arises.

Station Manager (President/Chairperson)

As the overall leader of the station you are in control of the day to day running of the station, this means having input on all the responsibilities of your Committee to ensure smooth running in all facets of the station. You will liaise with the VP Activities and the Media Coordinator in various roles, such as financial issues, media law issues and advisement on opportunities to advance the station and its goals. You will need good management skills when dealing with the committee and the membership as a whole, as well as the versatility to deal with any issues which may arise in the running of the station.

You will keep in communication and will report to the South East Regional Officer of the Student Radio Association. You will be responsible for promoting the SRA events and will need to invite your members to attend them all. You will ensure that the station enters into as many categories as possible for all the awards the SRA hold.

In the unlikely event of needing to make a decision that can not be brought to an operational meeting (6.5), you may revoke the the decision to take further action. This position will be labelled as “Station Manager” but will fall under the category for “President/Chairperson” as recognised by the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union.


Deputy Station Manager (Secretary and Vice President)

You are second in command of the station will assist the Station Manager where prompted to assisting to whatever degree the Station Manager requires. This may also mean you will take over the day to day running of the Station when the Manager is away, and as an Interim Manager if they resign the position before an EGM can be held.

You will be responsible for the administration of the station, including (but not limited to) creating the agenda and taking minutes at each Committee Meeting, revising the vital documents pertaining to the station (where required) and booking the rooms required for meetings or larger events. In the event that the Station Manager steps down or a vote of no confidence is issued, the Deputy Station Manager would take the role and responsibilities of the Station Manager. This position will be labelled as “Deputy Station Manager” but will fall under the category for “Secretary” as recognised by the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union.


Head of Sales and Finance (Treasurer)

The duties of the Head of Sales and Finance are to oversee all matters relating to the spending of Pure FM’s funds. They are responsible, working closely with the Station Manager, for producing an annual budget for the station.

The Head of Sales and Finance takes sole responsibility over all !nancial matters relating to the media group and, as such, all financial matters relating to the media group require authorization from the Head of Sales and Finance. Should the Head of Sales and Finance be unavailable for such authorization, any and all payments will be postponed until such time as the Head of Sales and Finance is available or, in extenuating circumstances, the responsibility falls on the Station Manager.

This position will be labelled as “Head of Sales and Finance” but will fall under the category for “Treasurer” as recognised by the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union.


Head of Programming

The Head of Programming is responsible for all the station output. You will need to make the schedule for the station at the beginning of each term and ensure it remains full and up-to-date throughout the year. You will also need to liaise with Head of Technology to create and edit each Show Page on the Pure FM website.

You will need to liaise with the Head of Production to ensure shows have the relevant imaging and any other production they request. The Head of Events and Socials will liaise with you to ask for permission to interrupt the schedule to live broadcast big events but you have the final say as to whether they will interrupt shows and the schedule. If an event is broadcast and requires a schedule, you will be in charge of creating this and ensuring the output during the broadcast is of the highest of qualities in which you’ll also need to liaise with the Head of Technology to ensure. At the start of each term, you’ll need to check that the Head of Music provides all the info show applicants provide during registration, for their Evening Showcase shows.

You will need to learn a full, well-grounded knowledge of the playout software to ensure you can programme in events such as the Pure Takeover on Express FM as well as create any other night playlists if required. You will need to work with the Station Manager to create an On Air Agreement at the start of the year. You are also in charge of establishing a system of Show Monitoring that involves the entire Committee and will allow for regular show feedback. Once you’ve collected this feedback, you must ensure it’s delivered to the shows and presenters to ensure development. You may also be asked to organise presenter training events and sessions in conjunction with the Head of Training. The Head of Programming must attempt to elect a Deputy Head of Branded Shows, this a prescribed position and the Head of Programming may elect any number of sub-committee positions alongside this role.


Head of Production

As Head of Production you will be responsible for sculpting the stations sound. This will entail creating jingles, idents and podcast for the station and shows. You will become familiar with the use of Adobe Audition and training can be given to you by your handover if necessary. The role of production manager is a very practical role, therefore requiring detailed knowledge on how the studios and equipment function (particularly Studio 2, which is primarily used for production) and how a station sound is created.


Head of Marketing

Within this role you will be responsible for maintaining the image of the station. As Head of Marketing you will be tasked with engaging the public and student bodies to listen to Pure FM, this will involve all the advertising- maintaining our banners and posters, and devising new ways to get the brand of Pure FM as exposed as possible.

The Publicity aspect of the role requires delivering the vital news and information from the station to the public. This involves the advertising of individual shows, generating ‘hype’ around Pure FM events and socials, and any cross-media initiatives and events. This role requires somebody with creative flair and a drive to improve both the listenership and attendance to Pure FM events. This role does not pertain to audio production.


Head of Music

As Head of Music, you control all the music that Pure FM plays out to the listeners. From organising the playlists, to setting up the autopilot, it is your job to make sure that we always have music available to be played. Whether it's a club classic, or a chart-topping hit, we want it all! You'll also be in charge of our gig and album reviews. At Pure FM we try to cover as many local gigs as we possibly can, and it's your job to contact tour managers and arrange reviews, interviews and photo-passes for the biggest and best bands that come to town!

As well as this, every week promotional companies send us loads of cool new albums to review and then post on the website. If you’re motivated, hard-working and have a passion for music, then this is the role for you!

The Head of Music also has full responsibility for the the Pure FM Evening Showcase shows, weekdays 7-9pm. Choice of show content and presenters will be the Head of Music’s discretion.  They must also liaise with potential presenters of the showcase and instruct them to go through the same process when applying to shows with the rest of Pure FM Presenters. After they have applied for the show, it is the Head of Music’s responsibility to schedule these shows as they see fit.


Head of Technology

You are responsible for the maintenance of all audio hardware in the studios, Outside Broadcasting Kit (OB Kit) and the rack room. Beyond audio hardware the Head of Technology will maintain the IT equipment and systems that Pure FM are in possession of. This includes the servers, routing equipment, workstations and network, but does not extend to equipment owned by the University of Portsmouth’s Information Services department, who the Head of Technology will liaise with. If any faults develop with the IT or Audio equipment that Pure FM operates, it is the responsibility of the Head of Technology to arrange repair/replacement/resolution of the issue.

The Head of Technology is also responsible for maintaining the Pure FM website, www.purefm.com. This includes but is not limited to, the coding of the website, working with committee members for ways to improve the website, assisting other committee members in using the website and training on aforementioned website. Different committee members will be responsible for the content of their respective areas, but the Head of Technology is responsible for the running of the website itself, managing the CMS and back-end of the site. They will report to the committee before making significant changes that might alter the perception of the website. They will report to the Station Manager should any problems arise. The Head of Technology will also be responsible for keeping an inventory/asset list of all equipment that is held by Pure FM, which must be updated on an annual basis together with UPSU.


Head of News

As Head of News, you will be responsible for all of the station's journalistic output. You will aim to ensure that regular news coverage is broadcast. You will be responsible for managing the Pure FM News team, which should include reporters and presenters/newsreaders as well as those interested in the production of news. You will strive to continue the development of Pure FM's news output, ensuring coverage of Union, University and local news which aspects University of Portsmouth Students.

You will work with other members of the committee and the relevant Union sta$ to aim to provide news team members with relevant training opportunities. You will work with the Sabbatical Officer with Editor-in-Chief responsibility to ensure that news output conforms to media law standards. You will use the studios, recording in the studios, the Zoom Mic for outside recording and interviews, and Adobe Audition software for editing stories, training for

all of which will be given in your handover. You will liaise with the other UPSU media outlets on the coverage of major events. In addition, you will be required to attend regular committee meetings, and work with the committee as a whole to oversee and run the station. You have overall responsibility for the development of the team and its coverage.



Head of Events and Socials

Pure FM members and the committee need to get to know each other and what better way than organising social events. These include networking events to nights out, they are events that the members need to become iconic and memorable to help build the Pure FM member vibe, relationship and atmosphere.

Within this role you will be tasked with creating, organising and running various events for Pure FM. You will also need to take point on our annual RAG events, both determining which charity we will be supporting and running of the event to raise money. You will be required to work with the Head of Marketing to create awareness for each event to make sure the membership are all aware.

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