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Await the Sunset – Richard Morris

On Friday 15th January, the exceptionally talented Richard Morris took to the Wedgewood Rooms with his band to deliver a shining performance. After releasing his first EP ‘Await the Sunset’, Morris started his European tour with a home performance and a wonderful audience.

With support from George Holroyd and Just Millie, the two set the bar high for this intimate gig. George sang some beautiful originals and did the most amazing cover of The Beatles ‘Come Together’ that got the audience dancing and enjoying the fun within the first twenty minutes. Just Millie was the second support who shone with her wonderful vocals and the support of her band. Covering ‘How Deep is your Love’ was a performance that will stay with me forever. The haunting vibes created a beautiful atmosphere leaving goose-bumps on all in the venue.

Richard Morris finally walked onto stage to the huge applause from the waiting audience. Stood alone with just his guitar, Morris delivered his beautiful vocals echoed by his incredible guitar skills. As the song built up his band walked onto stage and kicked in making all in the room dance along to the Passenger-like tones.

What is Love is Richard Morris’ first video on Vevo and this song was performed pitch perfectly with the video playing in the background allowing for a ‘stadium’ feel in such a small venue. Morris’ tone is so beautiful and the harmonies from his band allow him to slot perfectly into the music industry with his performance abilities to shine through. The reggae feeling towards the end of What is Love shows how talented he truly is.

The brilliant Garden of Roses, a very Passenger song with the Jason Mraz ukulele ensemble, followed on, a song that got everyone dancing. The lyrics are beautiful and simplistic meaning the crowd can pick them up and sing them back creating a chorus around the venue. The standout performance from the night was the acoustic ballad Anna where the melodies and strong support from his band of seven allowed for a beautiful song.

Overall the gig was one that will stay with Portsmouth for a long time and will make Portsmouth proud to have such an exceptional singer call this area his home. With the talent he possesses it won’t be long till we see Richard Morris sell out all venues across this city. Being such a lovely man, Pure FM got the chance to talk to Richard after the gig to discuss his music and plans.

What was it like delivering the first EP?

First EP called Await The Sunset released in the summer. Been incredible because we weren’t sure how it was going to go. On the first day we got sales in 15 different countries on the first week and were twenty second in the iTunes chart. We were on tour when it was all happening and that was really exciting and from there we just decided we were going to give it a really good shot because people really liked our music and we enjoyed playing and this is our first gig from back home and we’re ready to take Portsmouth by storm if we can.

Was it always your plan to be a singer?

I wasn’t planning on doing music and only last year we went yeah we’ll play music and we’ll be musicians and since then it’s been great.

What is your inspiration and who inspires you?

What inspires me is playing gigs and writing with my band and getting in the studio and just being back and doing stuff like this is amazing and a great inspiration. To watch people enjoy it and have fun is my main goal. I like passenger but the only song I really know is Let her go. Jack Johnson, Stereophonics and Jamie Cullum, Norah Jones all inspire my music.

And your plans for the rest of the year?

For the rest of the year we’re playing festivals, hopefully Victorious, Portsmouth Summer Show, we’re gonna try and get some festivals in Dorset and in Cornwall so I can go surfing and then write and release another video on Vevo and aim for that.

Catch Richard Morris at The Waterhole Bar on Saturday 30th January.

Written by Rachel Allman
Image Credit: Elliot McRae


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