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Anne-Marie – Boy

Anne Marie brings a moderate ray of sunshine into what is quite a gloomy British Friday afternoon with her latest track ‘Boy’, its impacting introduction perked my ears up and with introducing layers into the song we get a further sense into her song writing ability.

‘Boy’ gives us a good start to what this song is about, it seems as If Anne Marie is calling out to someone in silence or even retelling a past love experience. It personally throws me back into the naughties, her style reminds me somewhat of Lilly Allen, yet this charming voice keeps you relatively entertained. Admittedly this isn’t my preferred genre of music, I feel to criticise too harshly  wouldn’t do me or her justice, but personally I found the sound rather repetitive. The original impact of the hard hitting introduction felt lost by the second chorus. The chorus itself didn’t really jump out enough for me, I feel if the bridge had arrived earlier and had been more defined I would have been more invested into her story, however the story will be relevant to most who hear it.

For me It’s not a song I can really lose myself in, I can see the song has a lot of prospect, she overall sings with a lot of charm and grace and reflects what I assume to be a great personality behind the Microphone, but it’s overall mellow feel didn’t really grab my imagination or induce any sort of physical reaction out of me, There’s no real emotional pull on the heartstrings and it almost feels like she knocked it up whilst watching Hollyoaks as the writers of that show seem to put as much effort in as her.  It wouldn’t however make me change radio station, but if it does pop up on Classical FM I will be investigating it.

I give this song 3 out of 5.

Ellis Tustin

Pure FM Music Team


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