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Adam Johnson Found Guilty Of Child Sex Crime

Former England national and Sunderland player Adam Johnson has been found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl involving sexual touching.

The jury overseeing the trial at Bradford Crown Court has found Mr Johnson not guilty of a second charge of sexual activity, which claimed that he received oral sex from the girl.

Mr Johnson admitted to grooming the girl when he attended court on the 22nd February, saying that he wanted to kiss her after first spotting her when she attended a Sunderland game.  The court heard that Mr Johnson met up with the girl on 30th January 2015 after agreeing to sign football shirts for her. Mr Johnson then admitted to kissing the girl, but said that it went “no further.” He was sacked from Sunderland after admitting to kissing the girl. The girl told the court that Mr Johnson however, “put his pants down her pants” and performed an oral sex act on him.

He was convicted by a majority of 10-2, the judge said he would accept a majority verdict.

Elliot Shaw

Deputy Head of News

Image retrieved from Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror 




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