Pure FM


What we do?

We are a purely student-led radio station here to provide a real life radio experience to all students at the University of Portsmouth. We aim to provide a free open media outlet for student’s opinions to be heard and offer a real range of skills at the same time. It’s target audience is for the members of the university community, but can be heard anywhere around the world online. Pure FM caters for all types of shows which it encourages and supports.

Station History

Pure FM was first launched in 1994 as a student radio station with the potential to broadcast to more than 60,000 16 to 30 year-olds in Portsmouth. 15 years on, Pure FM is still going strong, growing and improving every year. Thanks to wondrous inventions such as the Internet, we now have the potential to broadcast to billions! Apart from that, not a lot has changed at the south coast university radio station. Most importantly, we are still a radio station run by students, for students. When you think about it, who knows best what students like to listen to and whose most in touch with issues effecting students? Other students! Thanks to the dedication of a lot of very talented students, Pure FM produces the sort of content which appeals to every student, no matter what their tastes in music may be.

Pure FM is the first step on the ladder to success for a lot of people wishing to make it big in the radio industry. Obviously, not everyone at the station is the a pro to start with, but Pure FM is the perfect experience for everyone that dreams of being involved in radio, giving them training in different areas of expertise, guiding and monitoring their progress, and most of all, give all members a chance to keep on experimenting and thus growing as a DJ and radio presenter.

UPSU recognises the work Pure FM does, as well as the experience it offers their volunteers, and thus Pure FM was named Best Society of 2008-2009, with many of its members winning awards of their own. So next time you decide to sit at your computer and do some work, or chill with your mates, go to www.purefm.com and listen to the stars of tomorrow!

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